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Bathroom remodeling is only one of the various improvements that woodwork provides, along with kitchen and basement remodeling. In addition, we don’t hesitate to refinish hardwood floors or any other form of flooring because we specialize in renovations and repairs.

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We provide the best solutions for any bathroom remodeling tasks. We’ll ensure the job is flawless and delivered on schedule with a positive attitude. In addition to remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, we also redesign offices and bedrooms.

At Woodworks, we are committed to providing the best service possible while paying close attention to every little detail. We would be happy to discuss possibilities with you and develop something genuinely outstanding and one-of-a-kind if you are interested in increasing the value of your house. Following are our significant services which you should consider to hire us.

People's Response

Mary M. Westberg

I have been a client of Woodworks for a long time. I first knew about Woodwork in 2016 while seeking a home renovation contractor. Because I was so impressed with their ideas and craftsmanship, I got in touch with them. Since then, I've been content with their job in every manner. It's wonderful that they work hard to expand their home renovation products.

Tiffany L. Huddleston

Woodworks has provided services for us on several occasions. From the beginning to the end, we received nothing but first-rate service. They handle everything from conceptualizing the design and construction to carrying out the product installation. They even do the cleanup. Woodworks offer a high-quality product for a very affordable price. Without reservation, we endorse them.

Richard C. Bergquist

We knew about Woodworks from a friend, and we were blown away by the caliber of the goods and the support we received. Woodworks provided the innovative design we needed for a sizable project we had. But we discovered that our project manager was competent in assisting us in fully comprehending what we needed for our job. We are ecstatic with our refurbishment's outcomes and plan to work with Woodworks once more on more projects.

Bathroom Project

1. Design the Bathroom

2. Prep the Job Site for Dust Control

3. Demolition

4. Inspection for Structural Needs And Do if Needs

5. Plumbing

6. Electric

7. Inspection

8. Insulation

9. Concrete Board And Green Draywall And Compound Tile Work

10. Painting

11. Install all the fixtures

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